Meal fees for school year 2023/2024

  •  kindergarten Jiráskova: 2.000,- CZK/month (farm and organic food)
  •  kindergarten Jaselská: 1.500,- CZK/month


It is necessary to sign up for meals or cancel meals the day before by a text message with this information:
name of the child, class, date of signing up/canceling the meals.

  •  kindergarten Jiráskova: till 10.30 a.m. on previous day by text message to phone number: 778 144 930
  •  kindergarten Jaselská: till 10.30 on previous day text message to phone number: 778 144 780


If the child gets sick suddenly, lunch can be picked up only on the first day of the child’s absence between 11:45- 12:00.
Meals that are nor canceled  must be paid in full. The meal accounting is done on December 31st and on June 30th.

Kindergarten in Jiráskova has its own kitchen that prepares bio and organic foods (see the menu).             
Kindergarten in Jaselská has food delivered from Kindergarten in Nádvorní (menu).

The kindergarten in Jiráskova takes part in the programme Truly healthy school. This programme provides children with quality food and education about food. The children take part in experiential learning, they learn about food by actually preparing food themselves - they prepare spreads, salads, healthy snacks, juices, healthy cookies etc. They help with growing herbs etc. You can find photos from our fantastic projects here.

In the year 2019 our school received a bronze certificate and in 2021 the silver certificate. We are so proud in December 2022 we got the gold medal in this programme.