What to bring to kindergarten

Clothes for the classroom

  •  comfortable clothes: T-shirt, leggings, sweat-pants, tights, no jeans please
  •  extra set of clothes and underwear (especially small children)
  •  slippers (comfortable, the kind that enables safe movement of the child’s foot, with arch support, no crocs)


Pajamas, a toothpaste, a toothbrush and a cup

  •  children brush their teeth every day after lunch


Clothes for the outside

  •  a T-shirt, a hoodie or a sweatshirt, sweat-pants, leggings - dependent on the season and the weather situation, the kind of clothes that enables children to play comfortably and safely, to play with different kinds of material (water, sand, paints, playdoh etc.).


Because of hygienic reasons it is necessary to have different clothes for the inside and different clothes for the outside!

  •  shoes suitable for each season (comfortable, sturdy, firm heel, foot arch support)
  •  a raincoat and rain-boots
  •  in summer or on hot sunny days: a cap or a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen lotion
  •  in winter: waterproof winter clothes - a jacket, snow-pants, a hat, mittens, a scarf, waterproof snow-boots. During winter we go out to play in the snow - usually children end up very wet so when you come to pick your child up, his or her clothes might still be wet hanging in the hallway or on radiators.


All clothes are kept in children’s lockers in the cloakroom.

Every Friday parents should take the clothes and pajamas home to be washed.

It is necessary to sign or otherwise mark all the clothes and shoes!