School program

School program

The school is open from 7 a.m. Between 7 a.m. and 8 a.m. the children meet in one classroom, at 8 a.m. they go to their own classroom. There they can play or take part in offered educational activities. All activities are prepared within a topic that is being dealt with. This topic comes out from children’s experience (trip, excursion), from the wishes and interests of children or from the situation in the class. Teacher prepares differentiated activities, arts and crafts, materials and so on, so that the children can choose and decide what and how they want to work on. The teacher works as a mentor during this time. Other educational activities are offered in the Centers of activities. These learning centers are prepared according to the theory of Multiple intelligence by Howard Gardner. The teacher prepares differentiated activities so that everyone can find what they like to do and grow individually. These centers are based on communication and cooperation of the children.  The teacher also works individually with each child, in their own pace and according to their own abilities and individual differences. After snack time, the children take part in a communicative or discussion circle, the teacher evaluates and leads the children towards self evaluation of what they enjoyed doing, how they did while working and learning, whether they enjoyed it or not etc. The teacher also finds out what the children are interested in, what they would like to learn or experience. Every day, the children spend a lot of time outside. They explore the neighborhood, take walks to near parks, observe nature, play in the school’s big garden, take part in educational activities that are offered to them in the garden. After outside stay, the children come back to have lunch. During lunch we encourage the children to try new foods, help themselves while preparing the dishes and utensils, pouring drinks and soup. After lunch the children take rest. During rest time the children listen to stories and relaxing music, some children fall asleep, those who do not, get up gradually and take part in quiet activities. They can look at books, do arts and crafts, play quiet games in order not to interrupt their sleeping friends. After rest time, during warm months, the children go to the garden and play there, during cold months the teacher prepares activities in the classrooms. Children gradually leave the school to go home.


Activities for children (charged extra)

  •  Afternoon clubs - recorder, pottery, English for young learners
  •  Sport clubs - Sportík (general sports), swimming - during morning hours of outside stay
  •  Theatre plays
  •  Exhibitions
  •  Trips
  •  Week in the countryside


Carnival, Children’s day, Christmas or Mother’s day shows for parents, Creative workshops with parents, sleepover party for preschoolers.